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New leader for the Swedish group

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

From March onwards, the Swedish group has a new leader: Jenny Hermelin, who runs the yoga studio Djursholm Yoga.

Here is her introduction:

I have lived in Stocksund since 2014 and used to run my own PR and project management company but last year I chose to follow my heart and instead devote my time to my biggest hobby. I have been a part-time trainer since 1998 and being able to put all my energy into helping others get healthier and feel better is a great privilege. But new connections, new knowledge and moving things in the right direction are still important things to me and so I am very happy for the chance to lead Nätverqet's meetings from now on.”

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Jenny via or 070-380 15 55. If you are curious about Djursholm Yoga, visit or come by some day, the studio is located on Vendevägen 9 (on the square) in Djursholm.

We also want to thank Maria for her years as leader of the group and look forward to seeing her as a member in future meetings

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