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Become a member

Who can join?

To be a member in Nätverqet you need to:

  1. Be female

  2. Own your own business (self-employed is fine)

  3. Live or have your business base in Danderyd

  4. Be interested in sharing experiences, contacts and business opportunities

Apply for membership by filling in the form below.

What do members get?

  1. Member breakfast on the first Friday of each month (except July and August). We discuss specific themes, work through ideas and take it in turns to explain what we do. Sometimes we invite speakers in. Registration in advance is necessary.

  2. Access to Nätverqet's closed Facebook-group where you can contact other members, ask questions, share offers etc. Dito for Nätverqet's page on LinkedIn.

  3. A short presentation of yourself/your business on Nätverqet's website. The website is linked to on Danderyds kommuns website.

  4. Regular newsletters that include a longer presentation of one member, to give us a chance to really understand our fellow members and that allows us to forward on the presentation to anyone else who might be interested in the business of that member.

What does membership cost?

Membership is free so we pay just for our breakfast.

Join Nätverqet Danderyd

Thanks for joining Nätverqet!

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