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Margareta Neld

Management consultant, coach and CEO


Margareta Neld is a management consultant, a coach and the CEO of Neld International Consulting AB.


Before she founded Neld International Consulting AB she was the CEO of PDI (Personnel Decisions International) Scandinavia AB, a global consultancy organization within the field of Human Resources. Margareta also has extensive experience from working with HR in both Swedish and international companies such as S.W.I.F.T., Mölnlycke, Becton Dickinson and PA forum.


Margareta is co-founder and part-owner of Asynjor Invest AB which was founded in 2016. During 2006-2016 she founded and managed Women In Progress®, board member training and courses for women in executive positions and which still operates but under new management.


Margareta has a bachelor’s degree in English, German and Business Economics. She has written dictionaries and handbooks such as “Personnel ENGLISH”, “Personnel GERMAN” and “Personnel FRENCH” and also a book called “Stories from board rooms – between dinosaurs and paper dragons” about board work in small to mid-size companies.


Margareta was the chairman of the board in AFS Interkulturell Utbildning in Sweden 2016-2019 and has been a member of the leadership committee on the board of Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning since 2011. She was also on the Advisory Board for Styrelsekraft 2012-2015 and a member of the nomination committee of AmCham 2014-2016.

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