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Lizzie Claesson

Leadership coach


Lizzie Claesson has a masters in business administration and has worked for 25 years within business. She started her career with Accenture (Andersen Consulting at the time) as a management consultant and has since then worked with management teams mainly at international companies.

Besides consultancy, Lizzie has worked as line manager and even started her own kindergarten in Täby (2014) Kid’s Garden, driven by the desire of offering the best start in life to her youngest son and other kids.

After a busy and international career (Buenos Aires, Ann Arbor, Paris, Milan, Stockholm) Lizzie came to the insight that what she most desired was to see other people grow, develop and succeed. So since 2018 she is working as an entrepreneur together with 13 other colleagues around Sweden under the trademark Think Do & Grow.

At Think Do & Grow we see everyone is a leader. You need to lead yourself before you can lead others. And we strongly believe that every person is born with wings that allow them to fly and follow their dreams, whatever these may be.

As a business and leadership developer Lizzie coaches her clients on one to one meetings, but when necessary or asked for, she coaches for groups. Lizzie holds as well workshops with focus on activating the participants and help them do themselves.

The ground on which Lizzie's work is done is to help clients get new insights (Think), to identify concrete actions (Do) and to develop and grow personally and business wise in the process (Grow).

Lizzie's warmth and listening skills together with her career experience are much appreciated by her clients.

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