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Jenny Hermelin

Yoga studio owner, coach and communicator


My name is Jenny Hermelin. I live in Stocksund with my husband and three kids, and just over a year ago I took over the cozy little yoga studio Djursholm Yoga.


After many years in PR, communication and project management I decided to go all in with my number one hobby: helping others and myself to a happier, healthier life. Health and training have always been important parts of my life puzzle, and I have been working as a trainer since 1998.


In addition to being a yoga teacher, I am also a certified life coach and I have a few selected clients left that I help with PR and copywriting.


My ambition with Djursholm Yoga is to help more people discover conscious movement (like yoga), even those who think it is not for them, and see what it can do for body and soul. Therefore we have Yoga for stiff men, dance for kids and Senior Yoga on the schedule, in addition to the regular yoga classes.


Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram: @djursholmyoga

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