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Helen Lettinga

Transformative coach and trainer


Hi, my name is Helen and I am a (self)loving, risk taking and passionate woman. I am Dutch and live in Stocksund with my husband and my two children.

My mission is: happy people; people who:

  • want      to grow

  • uncover      their true purpose

  • can      rely on their own intuition and behaviour

  • want      to connect…

…so they are the leader in their own life.

As a transformative coach and trainer, I do personal coaching, regular workshops on daily topics, workshops on personal and professional development, privately and in companies.

With Energia Positiva I organise deep, experiential trainings on personal development, Emotional Intelligence and leadership. In an International environment we inspire people to make a difference in their lives, with the purpose to make the world a better place.

You can follow us on:

facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn: Energia Positiva Sweden

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