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Maria Capor

Interior design, styling and yoga


As a trained interior decorator with extensive experience and a keen interest in my clients’ wishes, I work with everything from updating a single room to decorating entire homes.


Examples of what I do for my clients:


– Room planning

– Furniture

– Lighting

– Choosing wall colours and wallpapers

– Choosing fabrics and curtains

– Choosing decorating details

– Adding that little extra something

– Creating a feeling of coherence in the decoration

– Choosing materials for floors, kitchens and bathrooms

– Providing advice if you wish to change the layout of your home


Home by Nox provides the best solutions based on your taste and your needs. Since I am an independent decorator and not attached to any stores or suppliers, both you as my client and I myself have more freedom and flexibility when we create your dream home!

Maria is also a certified yoga teacher, and teaches classes like Yoga for Seniors at Djursholm Yoga.

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